Archangelos is located about 30 kilometers south of the town of Rhodes on the island’s east coast at an elevation of 160 meters. Its population according to the 2001 census was 5,500 making it the third largest town of the Island (after the capital Rhodes, and the town of Trianta (Ialysos). The town’s name derives from Archangel Michael who is also considered its patron.

The municipal unit of Archangelos has a land area of 115.375 km², and includes several other towns, the largest of which are Malónas (pop. 977) and Másari (931). Its total population was 7,779 at the 2001 census.

Tourist attractions:

church of the Saint Michael Archangel


  • Castle of Saint George ruins
  • Cave of Koumellos
  • Tsambika Beach
  • Haraki
  • Stegna Beach